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What is ANTA's sale policy?Updated 5 months ago

Pricing and availability and sales taxes, VAT, and duties

All prices are subject to change without notice at any time. Available inventory is also subject to change without notice. Consequently, if your order is canceled for any reason, you may not be able to purchase the same item you originally ordered. If available, it may not be at the same price as your initial purchase.

We will collect Sales Tax or Value-Added Tax ("VAT") on purchases of taxable items from buyers in specific jurisdictions where we have a legal obligation to collect taxes. In such cases, we will remit the collected tax to the appropriate taxing authority. For jurisdictions where we do not collect taxes, buyers are responsible for remitting taxes to the relevant taxing authority, in accordance with applicable tax laws.

Sales Tax and VAT will be applied based on the buyer's shipping address rather than the billing address. These taxes apply to all taxable item purchases in applicable jurisdictions, even for current offers completed at a later time.

Applicable tax rates may vary by jurisdiction. For Sales Tax purposes, some states may include shipping fees in the calculation, while others may exclude them. Additional information about specific jurisdictions is available in the FAQ.

Payment methods

For purchases made in the United States, we accept American Express, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, ELS, Visa, Union Pay, Google Pay and Paypal.

Shipping, contact, billing, and payment information

Please ensure the accuracy of your shipping, contact, billing, and payment information before submitting an order. Billing information must match that on file with the issuing bank. For sneakers, order cancellation is possible within 12 hours of placement or before shipping begins, whichever comes first. However, reordering may not guarantee the same item at the original price.

Order review

All orders are subject to fraud review, potentially causing processing delays. Additional information may be required to verify your purchase. Check your email for any verification requests until final confirmation is received. Account holds may occur during the review.

Order cancellation

We reserve the right to cancel orders at our sole discretion. Sneaker orders can be canceled within 12 hours of placement or before shipping begins, whichever comes first. Please contact our Customer Support for Order cancellation.

If the order is canceled before charges occur, a pending authorization may appear but will disappear in a few days. If canceled after charges, a refund will be issued, including shipping upgrade fees, if applicable. Allow 3-5 business days for your financial institution to process the refund.

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